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I am always interested in adding to this list, please post a comment if you have a suggestion and I’ll include it here.

Big Jump Press step-by-step instructions for bookbinding and letterpress:

How to make a collapsible punching trough
How to trim sections by hand
How to make paste and book cloth
Tips on edition binding
What tools do I use and where did I get them? (see additional links below)
Magnet closures how to
How do you print letterpress, anyway?
How to clean a press
How to adjust the inking rollers on a Vandercook sp-15
How to adjust the packing on a flatbed cylinder press

Bookbinding Supplies in the USA
Colophon Book Arts Supply
Washi Arts

Bookbinding Supplies in the UK
London Centre for Book Arts Shop
Ratchford Bookbinding Supplies
Shepherds Falkiners
Conservation Resources
Conservation by Design
J Hewit & Sons

Excellent list of UK suppliers from the Society of Bookbinders

Paper in the UK
John Purcell Japanese Chiyogami decorative paper can be found at Pegasus Art Supply

Miscellaneous Materials/Tools
Great post about adhesives can be found at iBookbinding
Double Sided Tape: DP01 Double Sided Archival Polyester Tape available from (In the US this is 3M #415 tape available from Talas)
Weights for Bookbinding can be ordered from Metal-Mania, (Bright mild Steel 1″ can be cut to size)
mini-steel triangle (here on Amazon if you can’t find it elsewhere)
magnets for enclosures, 10 mm x 1mm disk magnets from Magnet Expert work well.
cheap leather for simple non-adhesive book stuff  (like the long & link stitch)
wax paper in the UK!
Shanna Leino’s beautiful tools and weights

Boxmaking tools in the USA
90° Assembly Braces from Lee Valley and set up blocks from Veritas (I don’t have either of these, but they sure do look handy.)

Polymer platemakers  (I recommend KF 95 foil backed plates)
in the UK
Centurian Graphics
in the USA
Boxcar Press

Ink in the UK (I use Vanson Rubber Base, but there is plenty to choose from)

Some tips on digital illustrations for letterpress from Three Red Hens

Books on Bookbinding
Japanese Bookbinding by Kajiro Ikegami
Books, Boxes and Portfolios by Franz Zeier
Books by Kieth Smith
Bookbinding: a Step-by-step Guide by Kathy Abbott
Fine Bookbinding: a Technical Guide by Jen Lindley

Free online (and downloadable) version of an excellent boxmaking reference book:
Boxes for the Protection of Books: Their Design and Construction
from the Library of Congress

Books on Letterpress Printing
General Printing: An Illustrated Guide to Letterpress Printing by Glen U. Cleeton, Charles W. Pitkin and Raymond L. Cornwell
Letterpress: the Allure of the Handmade by David Jury
Letterpress Now by Jessica White

Online Resources
The Book Arts Web
Artists Books online
Vamp and Tramp booksellers:
Paul Moxon’s Vanderblog
Dafi Kühne’s FAG Proof Press website
Briar Press

Other Artists and Presses
Flatbed Splendor
Flying Fish Press
In Cahoots Press
Ink-A! Press
Sarah Nicholls
Pie in the Sky Press
Popular Kinetics Press
Robin Price, Publisher
Queen Anne’s Revenge
The Southern
Small Craft Advisory Press
Small Fires Press
Triangular Press
Tricia Treacy

Big Jump Press Lectures available online
2011 Susan Garretson Swartzburg Lecture at Wells College
2012 Ettinger Book Artist Lecture at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
2012 Lecture at Hobart William Smith
December 12 2012 Interview with Bookbinding Now

Assorted Extra Geeky Links:
EMIP Collection of Ethiopian Manuscripts
Jeff Peachy on oversized boxes



4 comments on “Resources

  1. Bonnie Stahlecker
    November 15, 2015

    Sarah, do you still sell your box making instructions? I can’t find the link. Bonnie

  2. Linda Marshall
    March 21, 2019

    Great list. I’d love to be added as a supplier of bookbinding supplies in the USA. I carry folding tools, paste, thread, and an amazing selection of natural and decorative papers
    Washi Arts

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