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The Bindery Under the Bed

As one might expect, there are pros and cons associated with setting up a bindery under one’s bed. Pro: easy transition to naptime. Pro: secluded, cave-like atmosphere. Con: general sense that the bindery of an adult professional belongs somewhere other than under one’s bed. Con: socks in the kutrimmer. Pro: relatively convenient to cut socks in half!

During my UK-enforced hiatus from paid work, this is where I can be found. I will be binding blank books in anticipation of an eventual legal release in a few months, working on the design for the new book, and eventually binding that edition after some time on the press.

I challenge anyone else to accomplish so much under their  own bed. Go ahead, try.

One comment on “The Bindery Under the Bed

  1. velma
    February 12, 2012

    hey, sarah, your wonderful blank book awaits on my library table. so how does one work when one isn’t allowed to work??? congrats on the blog, too. i will return!

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