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Hello, Buckram. Come on in.

More buckram has arrived in the post (always fun when a tube turns up) and so there is plenty for more tests and mockups. Today’s task: a mockup using the materials that I plan to use for the edition, in this case Buckram and Zerkall paper as well as other bits of this and that. If there are going to be any big problems with the structure, it is best to find out now rather than later when a U-turn is impossible.

I have committed to the drumleaf structure and now it is time to resolve the cover. I am currently planning to use two independently covered boards and a separate spine piece. Today’s mockup is a test of a few things:

(a) How does the buckram look? How do these two colors work together? Do I want the spine piece to be a slightly different color or the same as the covers?

(b) Is the structure working well? Does it open easily? Are the boards too thick? Are there any problems with the way I am putting this together, areas that aren’t adhering, messy gluey areas, etc? What are the little things that need to be sharpened up?

(c) Is it ugly? Do I hate it?

More thoughts tomorrow. Start printing Monday. Over and out.

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