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Daniel Kelm is a Fricking Genius

So after teaching last week, I decided to try out the other side. Enter Daniel Kelm, Scientific Bookbinding Artist Genius. For the last five days, I have been taking furious notes and reconsidering everything I ever learned about, well, everything. For your consideration, evidence that Daniel Kelm is a Genius.

Exhibit A: A molecule that Daniel Kelm casually drew on the board:

Exhibit B: Daniel Kelm explains triangles:

Exhibit C: Daniel Kelm shows us how to make triangles of our own by jigging up the board shear like a genius:

Here are my triangles, about to be assembled as a tetrahedron. What is that? Pay special attention to my use of the word “genius” in the notes below:

Exhibit D: Daniel Kelm shows us how to sharpen the bits for our Japanese screw punches:

Variable speed drill, a bit of emory paper, and blammo.

Exhibit E: Daniel Kelm shows us how to fix a warped cutting mat:put it between paper in a drymount press:

And KABLAM. Flat.

Exhibit F: Daniel Kelm shows us how to tie knots using a bit of a creepy visual aid:

Exhibit G: A quick sample of my notes from Daniel Kelm’s workshop:

Exhibit H: Look. It’s a book, but it’s also a mobius strip:

And the Defense (Prosecution?) rests.

Despite covering everything in the universe, the course was actually focused on the wire edged binding, a Dan Kelm invention. Below please find evidence of my education. I made a housing for all of my pressure printing materials, so that I, too, can lead informative rock star (but probably not scientist) workshops.

Next week: who knows? I drive away from Wells tomorrow and bid a very fond farewell to Nancy Gil and Katie Baldwin, the new Victor Hammer Fellow. We had a lot of lovely conversations about fellowdom. I was the fellow here from 2008-2011, which meant I wandered into Katie’s office accidentally a couple of times this week. But she forgives me. Right, Katie?

Stay tuned for. . . something? Am I going to Portland? I have no idea.

4 comments on “Daniel Kelm is a Fricking Genius

  1. Glenn House, Sr.
    July 21, 2012

    Daniel Kelm is a …. Genius: I vote YES !
    Sarah Bryant is a budding …. Genius: I vote YES !

  2. Laura.
    July 21, 2012

    ah. maze. ing. wow. my mind continues to be blown by book arts. thank you for helping. also, almost everyone around me from my various worlds has met katie baldwin and i really can’t wait for my turn. we even slept in the same bed at wsw (not at the same time). agh! i hope you go to portland! i want to see more student work!

  3. Chris MacCormick
    July 22, 2012

    Glorious! Glorious!

  4. Katie B.
    July 24, 2012

    Sarah Bryant I miss you walking into my office. Please walk in, any time….

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