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The London Centre for Book Arts

Welcome to the London Centre for Book Arts! Yes, there is a car parked inside of it. Yes, the current sign is a piece of A3 paper. But every day things are clicking along industriously from chaos to organized glory. Yesterday morning, for example, the board shear looked like this:

But by the afternoon, it looked like this:

And it even cuts squarely. I spent the day helping Simon Goode, the man behind the Centre, while he gets things organized for the grand opening. Soon bookbinding, letterpress and papermaking courses will be offered on a regular basis. Book artists, binders and letterpress printers without access to certain equipment can rent time in the center to work on their own projects. Beginners who want to learn more about Book Arts will be able to take courses in the first open access studio in the UK devoted solely to the art of the book. All in the room where Simon is currently parking his car. Here is the pressroom, home to an F.A.G. SP-20, a Vandercook SP-15, and a Farley:

Ink galore needs to be unpacked and organized:

The bindery, currently infiltrated by Adana printing presses, will have six enormous nipping presses. Huge nipping presses. You could nip a microwave in a press like these.

The center is home to myriad printing wonders. Like this box full of numbering block components:

And this set of jigs to help printers set type on a curve:

Are you in the UK? Are you planning to visit? Do you want to help Simon get the London Centre for Book Arts off the ground? There are leads to sort, type to distribute, ink to organize, gigantic nipping presses to assemble, shelves to put up, things to paint, and a hundred other tasks.

Help this man get the Centre ready for business! Help Simon and you will help yourself!

For more information about the Centre, or to offer to volunteer and help get the Centre on its feet, visit the London Centre on facebook, tumbler, and on their forthcoming website (stay tuned over the next week or so.) To enroll in the first ever bookbinding and letterpress courses at the Centre, which will be taught by (ahem) yours truly, visit the links below:

Bookbinding for Artists Part I

Bookbinding for Artists Part II

Beginner Letterpress

Three cheers for Simon Goode!


*I am in no way advocating putting microwaves in nipping presses

2 comments on “The London Centre for Book Arts

  1. Susan Chase
    October 13, 2012

    Where exactly are you???? So far I have not been able to locate your actual STREET ADDRESS! Thanks.

    • Big Jump Press
      October 14, 2012

      Hi Susan, thanks for your question. You are having trouble finding a street address for Big Jump Press because it doesn’t have one. (If you are looking for the London Centre for Book Arts, see below) Big Jump Press is the name under which I publish artist’s books and prints. In the past the press has been located generally wherever I have been living and teaching; Most recently in Aurora, NY from 2008-2011, in Alabama last fall, and now in Brighton and Hove. But here are some street addresses related to my activity:

      I currently print my work at Ink Spot Press, an open access studio devoted to screen printing and letterpress. I also teach bookbinding and letterpress workshops there. Ink Spot is located at:
      Module B1
      Enterprise Point
      Melbourne Street
      BN2 3LH

      My printing press, a beautiful Vandercook SP-20, was too heavy for me to bring over from the United States when I moved to England in January. It is located at “Three Stories” in Geneva New York, a non-profit arts organization with a glorious new print shop. Three stories is located here:
      35 Lehigh Street
      Gevena, NY 14456

      I am about to teach letterpress and bookbinding courses at the brand new London Centre for Book Arts, an organization I am very excited about that has just been started by Simon Goode in Hackney Wick, London. The address for the London Centre is:
      Britannia Works
      Dace Road
      Fish Island
      London E3 2NQ

      Because I am not a commercial shop, I don’t have a public studio for people to visit. As I make decisions in the near future on whether to move my printing press over from New York, whether to begin producing commercial letterpress work or rent a studio space, this situation may or may not change. Thanks very much for your interest in the press!
      Best wishes,
      Sarah Bryant

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