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Boxmaking Boot Camp

This week marked the end of the boxmaking class I’ve been running at Ink Spot Press. Over three Tuesday evenings, each of my dedicated box making companions knocked out three different boxes. How many boxes did you make in October?

We started with a lidded box:

and soon moved on to assembling a slip case:

Three hours is not quite enough time to finish a box, and so a few times we put the boxes on hold and picked them up the following week.

Below, Em measures a piece of decorative paper for the head and tail of her slip case:

And shortly thereafter, KABOOM:

With the slip cases dispatched, it was time for a box with a hinged lid. Below, Nicki assembles the case for her box. This will form the base, spine and lid.

and here it is:

A lidded box, finished and under a weight:

The momentum of the box class set me on a path of non-stop box action. My mother and her friend Carol came for a visit last week. They probably wanted to go out and see the rolling English countryside, or get a cream tea. But NO! Instead they were chained to a table in my apartment and forced to make boxes. I am a cruel hostess.

I have spent the month of October with all my tools and books on my back, hauling them from place to place. The courses at Ink Spot, The Manchester Artists books fair, a visit and talk at the Colchester Institute, a workshop at Shepherds-Falkiners, and visits to the London Centre for Book Arts.

Just last night I taught the first course ever at the LCBA. The space is looking great these days, presses ready and waiting, type organized, ink sitting on shelves, nipping presses at the ready. It was a thrill to see it full of people last night. Keep your eye on the Centre for more courses and, soon, open access and studio rental in the bindery and the pressroom.

You can be a friend to the center by donating £25.

The London Centre for Book Arts sits just in the shadow of Olympic Park in Hackney Wick.

For more information about workshops I’ll be teaching, please check the workshops link at the top of this page. Back to the studio today to continue working on prints. A race against time! I leave for the US a week from tomorrow. . .


3 comments on “Boxmaking Boot Camp

  1. melpoluck
    October 26, 2012

    Fab boxes! Fab workshop! Fab teacher! . . . but the treatment of the two poor ladies is unacceptable.

    • Big Jump Press
      October 26, 2012

      They love their boxes! (they better love them. . .or else)

  2. Peter D. Verheyen
    October 26, 2012

    Awesome and what a great view!

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