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Just under the wire

20121103-011246 PM.jpg
I am on the bus to Heathrow. (I am posting this from my phone. I know people do this all the time, but I feel like a star trek doctor sending data to star fleet or a bond villain remotely triggering a doomsday device.) After a week of non-stop printing and binding, i have in my carry on bag, against all odds, two finished copies of the deluxe edition of Fond complete with all ten prints, finished. Finished at last!! FINISHED AT LAST!!

20121103-012248 PM.jpg

20121103-012330 PM.jpg

20121103-012411 PM.jpg

20121103-012844 PM.jpg

More details soon, but first I must fly to Philadelphia. Coming up: a visit to Milwaukee, a table at the Pyramid Atlantic Book Fair in Silver Spring, Maryland, Thanksgiving in New Jersey, a show at Hobart William Smith Colleges and some workshops at The Cracker Factory in Geneva, New York. England, I will see you in December. My bag is stuffed with tools and bookbinding workshop materials. I am stuffed with a ham and cheese and pickle sandwich. That’s the news from the 747 bus from Brighton to Heathrow. Over and out.

20121103-013908 PM.jpg

2 comments on “Just under the wire

  1. Alex
    November 10, 2012

    I could not be more in love with all of the clamshell’s colors!

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