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Enter the Collaborator

David AllenMeet David Allen. Theoretical ecologist, Biology professor, friend, cousin, collaborator. For several years, Dave and I have met every now and then in hopes of producing a book project. In 2013 we are going to make it happen. Dave stayed for nine days, and by the end we had a working idea, a few print tests, and some unrelated photos of Dave at the Natural History Museum.* This project is still very new, like a tiny baby bird. Please forgive me for not laying out the details yet. Much more on this is to come as the project moves forward. Here is a brief, illustrated description of the trajectory of the last few days.

1. We discard an idea.


2. We have a new idea.

coming along

3. We think about the new idea.

that looks about right

4. We work on the new idea by candle light.

candlelit collaboration part one

5. We work on the new idea over a pot of tea.

tea time

6. We decide the new idea is The Idea.

thanks again, clothespins!

7. We develop The Idea.


8. Lunchtime.

no time to stop

9. Computer programming time. boop boop beep beep.


10. Art time. (faint pencil noises)


11. The Idea goes to the studio.

lino time

12. We test drive The Idea on the press.

tests on the press

12. The Idea is discussed over a pint. We agree to continue with The Idea and make plans to continue after Dave returns to America.

candlelit collaboration part twoMuch more on this in the coming weeks. Dave is gone now, and that is sad.

In other news, I finished and shipped off the first copy of Simulations on a Two-dimensional Grid. Stay tuned for photos of the final book, which I will produce in an edition of ten.



* Dave at the Natural History Museum.

Dave Allen and a natural enemy

Dave and the Island Giant

Dave and the Mollusks


7 comments on “Enter the Collaborator

  1. Laura.
    January 14, 2013

    collaborator!! along the same lines as my previous stuck/print ideation deck (thank you for THAT idea, no brainer!), i have a question if it’s not too revealing to ask: can you elaborate on what is happening in steps 5-7? i’m curious.

    • Big Jump Press
      January 14, 2013

      Hey Laura! Sorry, I promise I will elaborate, but not yet. This baby bird idea needs a little time before I start talking too much about it. Soon! How’s the print deck coming?

      • Laura.
        January 16, 2013

        ooh ooh ooh, yes! keep that baby bird incubating as long as necessary. my question was kind of vague anyway–i think what i really meant was, “are all the tiny drawings part of your normal process? what is that?” so, more general process than content. as for the print deck. . . that is sort of like a quail’s egg in my brain at the moment, but i think i am coming up with a sort of game or structure around which to develop my body of work, which is good. excitement and inspiration has replaced the overwhelmed feeling.

  2. MC
    January 22, 2013

    Hello, delicious bowls of Sarah Bryant soup! (And also, hello Sarah Bryant!)

    • Big Jump Press
      January 22, 2013

      Hello MC Hyland!!! I miss you! Just got your postcard. Awesome.

  3. Ray McGaughey
    March 11, 2013

    Such a great post! I can’t wait to see the final product!!!

    • Big Jump Press
      March 11, 2013

      Thanks, Ray! I am working on it right this minute, actually! Let’s all have a blog high five at cousins this year.

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