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I will not have an empty shop. I will not have an empty shop.


Just a little over three weeks before I head to  MADE Brighton and I am trying to conquer my fear of an empty shop through steady, obsessive binding. Small books, big books, simple books, elaborate books. Not much else going on over here. For your perusal here is a small sampling of my progress:

Pamphlets, pamphlets, pamphlets. I think affordable craft is key this year, so I am trying to have some fun, cheap stuff on offer. check out these three:






I’m selling the pamphlets for £4 a pop, or all three for £10. Also in the cheap thrills department: cards printed collaboratively with Ink Spot Press using their type collection:


From there, things get more elaborate. Oiled paper travel journals with letterpress spots!



Large and small leather travel journals with wraparound flaps!


Decorative paper covers with leather and parchment spines!



Partitioned boxes!


Lidded boxes!



And more, more, more!

Will I have enough books? Do you want to come and find out? I have a small stack of these babies:


and I’d be happy to send one to you if you send me an email at sarahherrickbryant[at] with your mailing address. The regular cost of admission is £7.50, so this ticket makes it cheap to come with a friend. Nov 22-24, everybody! Come look at crafts and say hello!

Not much else to report today. Time to get sewing again.

6 comments on “I will not have an empty shop. I will not have an empty shop.

  1. craftymadre
    October 30, 2013

    Those are all so cool! The fact that you’re worrying about having an empty shop means you must be selling, so congrats. The small pamphlet notebooks are a great idea and the text is so cute. I love the red one!

  2. judyrobbinsart
    November 1, 2013

    If I were to be in Brighton, I would spend a fortune at your shop. All beautiful things and useful.

    • Big Jump Press
      November 1, 2013

      Thanks Judy, I wish you were closer! I could use a fortune!

  3. St Brigid Press
    November 2, 2013

    Awesome, once again!

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