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Print teach bind teach print teach bind print

What is happening today? What is happening tomorrow? Things are busy right now and I am only just on top of what is happening day to day. Here is a list of my goings on for the last week.

MONDAY TO THURSDAY  Time to print a book.


Print print print.


Print white ink on white paper for added joy.


Go home and make a mockup.


FRIDAY     Hello Arts University Bournemouth! Lets do some lino carving. Here, let me do a little demonstration for you.


Ok, now you do it.


Finished? Ok, let’s print.


SATURDAY    Today is a day for the Japanese four-hole binding at the London Centre for Book Arts. Hey, you! Sew a book.


OK good that looks nice. Now let’s put some books in a pile and take a photo.


SUNDAY   Let’s do clamshell boxes today.


Let’s all put red pastedowns in so we match.


TOMORROW-THURSDAY   I can see into the future and there is printing in it.  Look, I’ve just dampened some paper so I am ready to go.


Plus made a giant lino block.


THE REST OF THE TIME    In the few hours when I am not printing, teaching or on a train towards some more teaching, I have taken to making tool boxes. It’s how I relax now.


do you want one? They are for sale.

More on the new book soon.  Brain turn off now. Will go out to dinner. Order food. Maybe wine.

2 comments on “Print teach bind teach print teach bind print

  1. St Brigid Press
    January 27, 2014


  2. Ellen Huntington Slade
    January 27, 2014

    Oh, so busy, and so productive – and on your birthday, no less! Print teach bind teach relaxxxxxxxxxxx some, I hope!

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