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Every Day is Different

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I am, as you can see, working hard to churn out the new book these days. This kind of printing is a slog. Not very difficult, not very interesting, nothing to do but crank them out sheet by sheet until all the drying racks are full. The drying is the only bottleneck, so whenever I feel like the pace is too slow, I build a couple more racks and hang them up. Right now I have enough hanging space for six of these figures (each in an editions ranging from 40-100 copies) per printing day, but that is about to increase by two:


I know, I know, what stunning feats of carpentry! Self taught, everyone, self taught. Anyway, seventy-one figures printed, forty-one to go. Cross your fingers for me, I am trying to get them all done (each one with a number in black ink) before December 19th.


More soon as I start to gear up for Made Brighton on November 20-23 at the Corn Exchange. Anybody want to come? I’ve got two for one tickets that are just waiting for their chance to take a trip by post.

2 comments on “Every Day is Different

  1. Laura.
    December 6, 2014

    I find myself in a situation where making drying racks might be a thing I need to do. How are you fastening your clothespins to the wood so’s to still be able to open and close the clothespin? Do your pins ever dent your prints?

    • Big Jump Press
      December 9, 2014

      Hi Laura! I am simply gluing one leg of the clothespins to the wood batten and clamping them overnight with large clips. It is working like a dream. I have not had any marking issues yet. Good luck!

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