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I should be printing right now


I did it! After months of printing, last week I finally finished printing the last of these 114 shapes. (The paper on the top, by the way, is just a printout that I used for registration. The shapes printed on drafting film underneath that top sheet do not have a printed grid. Just in case you’ve been following this project and were wondering.) Victory! Glory! Relief!

Oh but no,


I am actually not finished, and I still have so much to do that I am probably not even going to proofread this post before I hurl it into the world and it will be like that time I wrote that tweet with “it’s” instead of “its” and I was embarrassed all day.

I am rambling because I am exhausted.

After that brief moment of joy and the false sense of completion that crept and LIED to me, I borrowed a guillotine (thanks, Les!) and spent two days trimming all of that drafting film.





Doesn’t that look finished? Doesn’t that look like a task accomplished? Well it’s* not. Because each one of those sheets of drafting film needs a number, and each one of those numbers needs to be printed, and I am the one who needs to do that because I am the only one here.


There was this bright, carefree hour a few days ago during which I convinced myself that these sheets might actually look even better if I numbered them by hand, old fashioned style, like some kind of aloof Victorian curator. I even bought a pen. A pen full of hope. But I was full of crap. So now I am printing numbers all day long.


I leave next Friday morning at 4am to go to have an American Christmas in Delaware. And do you know what has to come with me? About a million Kickstarter rewards. None of which are finished. I’d better go.

*correct usage

5 comments on “I should be printing right now

  1. growlygracepress
    December 11, 2014

    Is there a better insight than “But I was full of crap” ?

  2. Ellen Slade
    December 11, 2014

    You are never full of crap.

  3. Ada Bryant
    December 12, 2014

    Dear Sarah, congratulations! We look forward to seeing you and Ben soon,and We hope you will enjoy a good rest on your visit here.

    MSent from my iPad


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