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Codex: A Race Against Time



I’ll admit it. This is blind panic. I am desperate to get at least one copy of Figure Study together in time for Codex. I leave for San Francisco a week from Saturday and I am still printing. The colored figures I’ve been cranking out since July all need to be numbered and housed in a box. But even that is on hold while I race to print the accompanying book, an index of the regions represented by the figures and an essay about the origins of the population data and our process of building human shapes.  (If you missed it and you want to know what on earth I am talking about, have a look here.)

IMG_5278Collaborator Dave Allen was here printing for a week in early January. He came to the UK all the way from Vermont, and I didn’t even let him look at a castle or go for a country walk. Whenever he started looking wistful or tried to make a comment about the world outside the print shop, I would hand him a can of white spirit and tell him to clean the press.

IMG_5303And then he left. And I kept going. I print. I teach. I sleep. I print. I teach.


In the evenings, I come home and work on the enclosure.


Will I finish in time? I honestly have no idea.


No matter what, from February 8-11 I will be found at Codex sharing the Shift-lab table with some awesome ladies: Katie Baldwin, Denise Bookwalter, Macy Chadwick and Tricia Treacy. If you are coming to the book fair, please stop by and say hello! If I have the book, give me a high five. If I don’t have the book, let’s all pretend that it doesn’t exist.

over and out.





5 comments on “Codex: A Race Against Time

  1. Su
    January 28, 2015

    I was just wondering how you were getting on. Those coloured figure prints look fantastic. Can’t wait to see the real thing.


    • Big Jump Press
      January 28, 2015

      Ha, thanks Su! Stay tuned. . . . . . . . (aaaaaahhhhHHHH!)

  2. Dad
    January 28, 2015

    Sound as if you could use a country walk. Even a castle.

  3. Linda Stinchfield
    January 28, 2015

    Looking forward to saying “hello” at Codex. I promise not to ask about this book if it isn’t on your table.
    Linda S.

    • Big Jump Press
      January 30, 2015

      Thanks, Linda! If it is not there, we will never mention it. What new book? Looking forward to seeing you!

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