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Shift-lab on the table: Codex February 8-11


And we’re off! I fly tomorrow to reunite with my Shift-lab companions at the Codex Book Fair. I’ve been so consumed by finishing my new book that I haven’t had time to mention some of the other action we’ll have on the table. I am very excited to see our collaborative book project, Shift, in person for the first time. The others have already had some time with this book when they all united in San Francisco last year for an exhibition at the San Francisco Center for Book Arts devoted to this collaboration. I couldn’t make the trip, so this will be my first glance at the completed project. (Thanks Paola Horevicz for the photos.)


Each of the five of us created a book of identical dimensions with the theme of shift, a word that plays a fundamental part of our practice as artists and printmakers. Content ranges from an investigation of the diggings of the Erie canal, images of a shifting body during sleep, the translation of glyphs and grid systems, two perspectives in a conversation, and the physical shift in a page. Of this edition of 20, only six copies are currently available for $1200.

We’ve been busy this year. In addition to Shift and our [in code] project, we also met in North Carolina in August to create a catalog of our activity. What we initially envisioned as as straightforward booklet soon expanded into something more interesting.

Printed with a combination of risograph, letterpress, and digital printing, and bound as a pamphlet in a wrapper with a small print from each artist, this catalog will be available for under $30.



catalog2 catalog4 catalog8

catalog13 catalog7 catalog9 catalog12

To see the finished product, stop by our table! And if all that isn’t enough for you, there will be new work on the table from Big Jump Press, Macy Chadwick of In Cahoots Press, Tricia Treacy of Pointed Press, Katie Baldwin of Queen Anne’s Revenge, and Denise Bookwalter of Small Craft Advisory Press.

To Codex! To Codex!

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