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To the Bristol Artists Book Event!

I’ve been gearing up for BABE 2015 this week. Gathering prints and proofs, digging out my display stuff and my card reader (does it still work?) and getting a few bits and pieces ready for sale.



For the last few weeks I’ve been pushing through binding the first few copies of  Figure Study, my new book about world populations, which currently exists as piles of raw materials and printed matter. This binding is more complicated than any I’ve tried to edition before: a case binding and a lidded box contained in a three-flap wrapper. There are tiny, walnut corners to make and sand and attach, layers of material to underlay beneath the book cloth, magnets and bits of metal to bury into boards, and inset labels to prepare. My bindery is a debris field of fills, pastedowns, tools, master components and tears. (ok, no tears.)


This month I am trying to get the first few copies out to my Kickstarter contributers and people who placed orders at Codex. After that, I’ll be able to think about something (anything) else. Hey, do you want to see it? I (ahem) happen to have a handling video right here. Let’s see if I can make some wordpress magic happen: (if not, you can see it here)

This book is selling for $1500, and I don’t expect to make any big book sales this weekend. It is nice to have something cheaper on the table that is still related to the project for anyone who might want to have a part of it but can’t part with a thousand pounds. I’ve been wrapping up proofs, prints from the Kickstarter campaign, and gathering sets of ten figures into paper wrappers with a grid and some information about the project.

IMG_5916 IMG_5918

Small stuff makes the difference at fairs like this for me, so I am also bringing letterpress printed cards, little booklets, and blank journals in hopes of making a some hot cash to blow on frivolous things like rent, food and some new underwear.

The Bristol Artists Book Event is running from 11am to 5pm this Saturday and Sunday at the Arnolfini. Free entry! Please stop by and say hello! I’ll be at the Big Jump Press table.

IN OTHER NEWS: I’ve recently realized that one of my favorite boxmaking resources is online and available for downloading (Thanks, Peter, for pointing that version out to me.) Boxes for the protection of books: their design and construction, compiled by Lage Carlson et al. and illustrated by Margaret Brown is a go-to book for me. I printed it out years ago and had it spiral bound at Kinkos and you should too!

There are places still available in an Artists’ Books Course I am running Wednesday mornings here in Brighton starting next week. I am also really excited about a Bookbinding Intensive from June 1-5. The Deal of the Century! Five full days of bookbinding for only £180. Come to Brighton, play games on the pier and have a bbq on the beach in the evenings, and pick up some hot bookbinding instruction by day.

Leaving for Bristol tomorrow at 6am! Over and out.

6 comments on “To the Bristol Artists Book Event!

  1. Bob Bryant
    April 10, 2015

    Was there supposed to be a link to a video? ” I (ahem) happen to have a handling video right here. Let’s see if I can make some wordpress magic happen:” It was not in my email.

    Good luck at the Book Event!!!



  2. Lucy May Schofield
    April 10, 2015

    Sarah, the new book is sublime. What a treat to see in the ‘handling’ video. Thank you for sharing that. Good luck at BABE, wish I was there to see ‘Figure Study’ in person. If I had the dollar I’d buy ! x Lucy x

    • Big Jump Press
      April 10, 2015

      Lucy!! Thanks so much for your message! I wish I would be seeing you at Bristol, but I hope you are having a blast wherever you are (Japan? Or am I out of date and out of touch?) I hope we see each other again sometime, somewhere! x

  3. Su
    April 10, 2015

    I can’t wait to fondle my very own copy. I see hours of fun for all the family ahead, playing with the figures. But only if the family are very very good. Otherwise it’s just fun for me – heh heh heh!


    • Big Jump Press
      April 13, 2015

      I can’t wait to hand it over to you, Su! That family of yours better behave themselves!

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