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Now Available to order: The Radiant Republic

RadiantRepublic - 4 copyBig Jump Press is pleased to announce the release of The Radiant Republic, a new artist book built from language found in Plato’s Republic and Le Corbusier’s The Radiant City. In these texts, separated by more than two thousand years, Plato and Le Corbusier each describe a city plan designed to provide a framework for morality and ethics. These works are revered, but they are also deeply troubling. In The Radiant Republic, portions of these two texts have been combined to create a city-building narrative in five parts. Each part is bound separately and includes a portion of an interlocking landscape with no fixed beginning or end. This is a project about the voices we value, and what those voices are really saying. The Radiant Republic  is housed in an elaborate enclosure featuring elements of handmade paper, wood, cement, and glass.


Platonic solids, geometric forms composed of equilateral shapes set at equal angles,   feature heavily in The Radiant Republic. These forms, often used as dice, are frequently offered up as examples of fairness and perfection of form. This book includes a set of nine platonic solids cast in cement. The solids also form the foundation of the city building imagery in the book.

RadiantRepublic - 54 copy copy

The Radiant Republic has been letterpress printed from polymer plates and linoleum in an edition of fifty copies. Now available to order for $1900. For more information and additional photos, contact sarahherrickbryant[at] or visit

Dimensions: 10.5” x 6.5” x 4.5”
Weight: Just under 8 pounds
Materials: Rives Heavyweight paper, Handmade Belgian Flax paper (commissioned from the Morgan Conservatory), Baltic Birch Plywood (laser cut by Sarah Pike at FreeFall Laser), glass, cement, binders board, and Dubletta book cloth.

More images can be found on my website here:

A 4-minute fundraising video gives a good synopsis of my intentions (and features a swell composition written and performed by my partner Ben on a toy piano). If you are interested, you can see that here:

Orders received before February 15 will pay a special Codex Price of $1700.

RadiantRepublic - 44 copy copy




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