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Mockups and some mockups

The mockup battle continues, and with each new draft I am getting closer to ordering plates and printing this book. This project is about the objects that we keep on our dressers and in our shoeboxes, the valueless things that we pick up and carry from apartment to apartment, place to place. I have selected ten of my own objects that I believe can translate easily into the objects that other people have and keep for reasons of their own. I am currently planning to use a deluxe edition of this book to disseminate the objects themselves, transforming these things from a very personal collection into singular objects that have a strange sort of value in a new context. We shall see. Anyway, here is an image of the most recent mockup, completed in the beginning of March.

The spread that is visible here is actually just a stand in for a spread I hope to design more spontaneously on the press. Stay tuned to find out what might happen there.

In addition to designing the new book digitally, I have also continued to play around on the press. This is yielding some prints, some garbage, and, as of yesterday, some covers for blank journals that I have been sewing up. I can’t sell anything until my legal situation here in the UK changes, but eventually I will explode back into the legal world and sell as much craft as I can. Materials for the new book, (plates, paper, board, cloth etc.,) can add up quite quickly, and I am hoping to make those orders less painful by selling some blank books. Below: not quite a print, but good enough for book covers.

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This entry was posted on March 7, 2012 by in Work in progress.
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