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Visit to Reading

And here at The University of Reading Type Design Program the excitement continues! Most recently with a lecture this afternoon about the history of Greek Typography. Also in the last 48 hours: a lecture and show and tell by Michael Twyman on the history of Puffin Books and a presentation on type design in the hot metal, photo typesetting and digital type design periods. I’ve also enjoyed discussions with friend Ben Mitchell about the typeface he is producing while studying here. This is quite a good place for a visitor to geek out. Yesterday I gave a talk about Big Jump Books (below,) and tomorrow I am on my way back to Brighton and my own projects. For more information about the Reading Program, have a look at the website.

Below: Proofs and materials used by Ben Mitchell, friend and MA candidate at the Reading Type Design Program. Ben is currently designing a Burmese typeface.

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This entry was posted on February 28, 2012 by in type, Visits.
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