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Well, Big Jump Press has the flu today, as it did yesterday, and the day before. So no exciting letterpress or mockup action is to be had. Rather a lot of moaning and sniffling, though. This seems like as good a time as any to take photos of a sampling of the blank journals that I have been working on in my spare time. Above are several samples of long and link stitch bindings. Some of these have book cloth covers, others are bound in decorative and even flocked papers and sewn with linen thread.  Below: long stitch bindings with screen printed, oiled coverstock paper, and a simple link stitch binding with letterpress printed covers. Tomorrow I hope the flu will be gone, and it will be time to get back to the studio, continue with the screen printing class I’ve been taking, and get back on the press. I’ve also ordered 500 sheets of paper for more of these blank little numbers, so stay tuned for more! Unless the flu never leaves me alone, in which case it may be time to stop reading this blog before it turns, inevitably, to darker subjects.

One comment on “Where journals are born

  1. Laura.
    March 15, 2012

    sarah, sarah! it’s laura brown from minneapolis.
    1. i hope you are feeling better.
    2. i’m so glad you moved to england! i mean, i’m happy for you, but ah-MER-ica misses you, of course.
    3. i am very happy you are blogging and that i found your blog. it’s nice to see what you’re working on, and it makes me feel happy and inspired and encouraged. i am currently at the women’s studio workshop making a book and they told me to show them artist’s books that i like (since i said there are a lot in the world that i *don’t* like). so i showed them you. and found your blog. blog pants.

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