Big Jump Press

Objects on the Big Screen

Dear Letterpress, Please don’t be mad. Love, Big Jump Press

Screen printing is brand new to me, so when I am not making shattering, bone-headed mistakes, I am trying to wrap my (bone)head around what the differences are with this process and what a person is supposed to do about it. For now, it simply means a change in scale. In the letterpress universe, the press itself often limits the size of the printed sheet to something in the neighborhood of 15  inches wide. This can mean that the resulting print, book or broadside is intimate in size; something to be held, read, and examined closely. This is certainly not always the case, (plenty of enormous letterpress equipment exists) but it has been true in my own printing life. So working with a screen four feet wide is a bit of a paradigm shift for me. All this by way of saying. . . now my objects are bigger. I am sure all of this shifting of paradigms and trying of new techniques will yield more significant changes as I get more practice. Right? Below: a photo of objects on the screen with absolutely no indication of scale.

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