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Samples and Swatches

Zerkall White Extra Smooth 145 gsm! Heritage Buckram in Aqua Blue and Petrol! (Petrol?) Hahnemuhle Bugra! Paper and cloth decisions are made, now it is calculation time. Parent sheets of Zerkall are 21″ x 30.” The book will be 7″ x 4″ closed and 15 folios long. 6 folios per large sheet, (agony! So close to 9 folios in every sheet, but I don’t want to squeeze and shrink the book, even if it would save me a bundle,) 1125 folios for the whole edition plus waste brings us to (calculate calculate calculate) 200 sheets at £1.23 per sheet. When you factor in that a discount kicks in when you buy a 250 sheet pack, the grand total comes to £262.50, or roughly a million dollars.

I have chosen a funny kind of cloth for a fine press artist’s book. Buckram is usually used for library binding. It shiny, semi-waterproof, and feels like plastic. I like the idea of using this kind of library-centric material for a book about collecting, archive and memory. I’ve decided to do some screen printing on the covers. Below: a test of screen printing on book cloth that I used to make the most recent mockup. This image is wildly misleading: these are not the colors or even the pattern that I’ll be using, and this material is not buckram. I tried a test on the buckram last week but the water-based screen printing ink I was using didn’t work. More tests this week, this time with an oil based ink. Stay tuned for the results!

wildly misleading photo


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