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Plates, by God!

Today I sent files away to be made into printing plates. Whenever I finally decide to get plates made for a book, I marvel slightly at what an arbitrary decision it is. I could keep designing the thing for another few months, and order plates then. I could have ordered plates two weeks ago. But something about this moment, right now, has flipped a switch in my head and *kablam* the current draft is suddenly designated The Book.

On the practical front, plates are expensive, and so to save money I organize the digital designs in a cost effective way irrespective of how the text and images will look in the book.  The text above is shuffled around in this way.

A few little unresolved issues are keeping me from ordering all of the plates at once. I want to include the weights of all of the objects, but I don’t own a scale. I am still unsure of what my final paper choice will be, and so I must wait to send away the explanatory text in the colophon at the end of the book. I just need to get going, though, so rather than wait until everything is ready, I am going for it. In a few days I will be ready to get started.

Below: image of all ten objects sent away for plates with a halftone pattern.

One comment on “Plates, by God!

  1. Ellen Huntington Slade
    March 30, 2012

    so interesting, Sarah. Your work is filled with mystery for me so it is fascinating to read and see pieces of the process. The film canister for some reason is filled with memories for me. I can just smell the inside of that little container! (probably carcinogenic!)

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