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Easter: The Momentum Killer

I woke up last Friday, full of joy and industry, ready to rush out to pick up my 250 sheets of paper. Cut paper on Friday, start printing Saturday, eat food on Sunday, print some more on Monday. That was my plan, my glorious plan. But it turned to ash when I realized that everything in the universe was closed for the Easter holiday. So began four grumpy days of thumb twiddling. With everything ready to go but no paper to cut down, I could do nothing but wait for the warehouse to open up again. So I settled into a lazy weekend, ate a roast, and played a morally questionable board game with some friends. By Monday, a day that any self respecting paper distributor would open back up, I lost my mind and started cutting down some cartridge paper for blank books made from proofs and experiments from my screen printing efforts. Today the world is back to normal. If my next post doesn’t include a picture of a millpack of paper, I will shut this blog down.

not what I wanted to be doing

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This entry was posted on April 10, 2012 by in Bookbinding.
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