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Post #25, in which I put a polymer plate on a base

Back on the press today! I am slowly working my way through all of the black text in the book. Today is no different. Folios 9 and 2 are done. Boom. Would you like to see how I get my plates onto the press? You would? Great. That is lucky because I took some photos of that today.

First, I line the plate up with the preceding folio (printed last week) to make sure the plate will land in the right place on the base and consequently print in the right place on the page. The plates is transparent, so when I flip it face down I can line things up just right.

I use little coils of scotch tape (that’s sello tape to you, England) to stick the plate onto this piece of paper, so that it is securely stuck to it. Then I remove the backing so that the adhesive on the back of the plate is exposed.

I treat this piece of paper just like any other sheet of paper and crank it over the cylinder with the press in ‘print’ mode.This must be done carefully so that the plate remains adhered to the paper even when it is being forced over a curve.

Kablam! The plate lands, adhesive down, onto the base that is sweetly waiting for it in the bed of the press.

I give it a quick hit with a brayer to make sure it is all stuck down.

Once this is done, the plate should be set up in just the right spot, plus or minus a few points. I print some proofs and make small adjustments to make sure that everything is  in exactly the right place. Then it is time to agonize about the ink for an hour or two.

There it is. Soon I will start printing some text in gray. But first, I must complete a massive visa application and then have a stress heart attack when I present it to the proper authorities.

One comment on “Post #25, in which I put a polymer plate on a base

  1. Glenn House, Sr.
    April 25, 2012

    Wow! Where did they find Gutenberg’s brayer???
    Love your polymer type registration attachment technique. When (if) we get us a platemaker, can we hire you to do a workshop in Alabama? Hey to Ben.

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