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Decorative Paper Money Hemorrhage

Chiyogami + Katazome + Bertini +Radnor Embossed Something or Other+ Assorted Colors and Patterns = Imminent Bankruptcy. That is what happens when you stop in to Shepherds Falkiners in London, even if you are only there to sweet talk your way into some teaching in the fall.

It is a pretty good business plan, actually. Advertise for some workshop instructors, invite them to drop by, then watch with a secret smile as they spend double the money they might earn on shiny, shiny paper. Those jerks have it made in the shade.

Anyway, assuming that my visa goes through and I will be legal one day, I am lined up to teach an accordion workshop there in October. God knows that when the workshop winds down and I walk from the bindery into the storeroom, I will blow even more of my precious pounds on bookcloth and ingres and doubles of tools I already own. Below: the workshop space in the basement of the shop.

Just got back from London last night, where I also met with Simon Goode. Watch this space as he gets the long awaited London Centre for Book Arts up and running. His list of equipment is delicious. (Three guillotines! Two board shears! Three flatbed cylinder presses! I could go on, but I forget the rest of the numbers.)

Today I alternated between getting organized for another stressful visa application and cutting down paper for a few more folios. Tomorrow: Back on the press.

PS. Sorry I used the word “hemorrhage” in the title of this post. I know that is horrible.

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