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WORKSHOPS AHOY! Hello Portland! Hello Brighton!

Hey, Portland, Oregon! Hey, Brighton and Hove! Who wants to learn some book arts?

July 30-August 3 I’ll be in Portland Oregon and the Oregon College of Art and Craft, for ONE WEEK ONLY. . .

THE LETTERPRESS ARTIST:         Simple Books on the Vandercook

Holy cow, will this be fun. We’ll be making small editions of artist’s books over a one-week course that will cover simple binding techniques and all kinds of art-making methods on the press. Pressure printing, linoleum carving, blind stamping, hand inking, as well as printing from metal type. All kinds of exciting stuff, trust me. For a full description, check out the OCAC website here.

We need JUST ONE MORE PERSON for this course to run, so tell your friends! Tell everyone! I have never been to Portland. Help me get there?

Just in case you are unconvinced, look at all of these happy people taking printing classes with me in various places! This could be you!

OK, Brighton & Hove! Listen up! on August 28-31st at Ink Spot Press:


Do you lie awake at night wondering how books are made? Do you stare off into space, craving the deep satisfaction of creating a book with your bare hands? Well, this is your chance. This four-day workshop will be devoted to all kinds of bookbinding techniques. Starting with simple pamphlets we will cruise onto more complicated historical bindings as well as talk about how to create innovative and wild structures from basic bookbinding building blocks .

And that’s not all! The first thing we do in these bookbinding courses is sew a pamphlet full of instructions. So you even get an instruction book that you put together yourself. When the course is over, you will be able to use the skills you’ve learned to make more books at home.

Have a look at the Ink Spot website here to find out more information and enroll. There is some confusion with the dates on the site, unfortunately, but take my word for it, we’re talking about Tuesday to Friday, August 28-31. Possibly the best August 28-31 of your whole life. Think about it.

Well all of this bold, italic, and caps-lock has tired me out so I suppose it’s time to go. Next week I’ll be back   in Aurora, New York teaching an artist’s books letterpress course at the Wells Book Arts Summer Institute. I am packing my bathing suit. Those finger lakes are pretty sweet.

One comment on “WORKSHOPS AHOY! Hello Portland! Hello Brighton!

  1. Ellen Wall Knudson
    July 2, 2012

    I WANT A PAMPHLET TO SEW!!!! But I’m want-y like that…

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