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Well Hello, Oregon. Let’s make books.

We are at the end of Day Two of the Letterpress Artist’s Books course that I am teaching at the Oregon College of Art and Craft, and things are heating up. Lots of type setting and general experimenting on the press went on today. See below for some highlights.

Below: Cheryl set some beautiful 60-point Centaur capitals, but they are sitting too close together. Look how uncomfortable the M-I-L looks compared to the galaxy of space between the L and the I:

A little letterspacing will clear that right up:

And the results:

Ahhhh. A little breathing room. And now for the next challenge, what size will the rest of the type be?

We also got up to some image making this afternoon. Below, my pressure printing samples, (including Jamie Karolich’s knitting sample from The Wells Summer Institute two weeks ago,) are scattered on the table.

Dominique gets on the press and gives pressure printing a whirl. It’s fitting to be diving into pressure printing at OCAC, home of Barb Tetenbaum, who brought it down the mountain for all of us. Thanks, Barb! Pressure printing salute!

What else happened today? A little of this and a little of that. My OCAC assistant Kerry dug up an old halftone block and set it up magnet style:

And the result? Well hello, Sir.

And all the while there was a lovely view outside.

Tomorrow students are coming to class in the morning with simple mockups of the projects they hope to produce by the end of Friday. We’ll be cutting down paper and getting things going on their books by the afternoon. Want to know what happens? Tune in tomorrow! Over and out from Portland, Oregon.

One comment on “Well Hello, Oregon. Let’s make books.

  1. Glenn House, Sr.
    August 1, 2012

    Great account, as expected. Nothing like doing good stuff and having fun doing it!
    Looks like a great place. Please give Ms Barb T my very best wishes and sincere regards, Glenn House (SR.)

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