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OCAC: The Books Are Nigh!

Thank you, Susan, for the best expression I have ever seen on a new printer. The object of her attention can be found below:

Oooh la la. Things are coming along now here in Portland. We’ve got two production days under our belts and things are starting to come together. Below please find some photos of books in progress:

Debbie plotting out her book on Wednesday, and printing on Thursday:

Veronica prints on whatever she can find, including wax paper:

Dominique finds wild success pressure printing on a linoleum block:

Susan lays down some white type on mysterious paper from her collection:

Cheryl sets her finished books under a weight! Ahead of the game!

Joni collates her sheets, in anticipation of some sewing tomorrow:

Tomorrow is the day of reckoning! Will books emerge from this chaotic week? I have a feeling that they will.



2 comments on “OCAC: The Books Are Nigh!

  1. Glenn House, Sr.
    August 3, 2012

    Not as good as being there, but almost! Keep ’em printing. Keep ‘m smiling!

  2. Glenn House, Sr.
    August 3, 2012

    Keep them proof-reading!

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