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Progress Report: Labels Printed

A short but sweet update today. Spent yesterday on the press printing labels for the book and the box. I am reusing plates from the interior of the book. I considered making plates specifically for this label, perhaps including the title of the book. Here is a digital test:

This didn’t strike me, really.  I selected the label for the mockup solely because of its shape, but I love how it introduces the book with the words “account of an act or occurrence.” And so that is what I will use. I am less certain about the label for the slipcase.

I didn’t like the label on the mockup (the grey and black label in the corner of the box.) I tried a couple of different things here but I think I’ve settled on this illegible rope of text:

I also printed an alternative, in case I change my mind.

Printing labels is fun because it doesn’t matter where they land on the paper. Look at that wild mishmash! Printed on offcuts every which way! It is all so easy. Well, until they all need to be meticulously cut out. ugh. Who cares, that happens later. (stay tuned for horrible post at a later date.)
Anyhoo, I’ve ordered a plate for my new and improved colophon page from Lyme Bay, a new source for polymer plates in the UK. When the colophon is done, the book is printed. Holy crap.

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