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Bookbinding Summer School: Nailed it.

Our last day in Bookbinding Summer School started off with a blur. Cut this, fold that, push that lady out of the way to get to the glue. We had books to finish, by god, and we couldn’t waste our time with social niceties.

After lunch, we had a schism in the group, and a full table pulled away from accordion central to work on a new structure, the link stitch. The temperature dropped by 10 degrees.

The link stitchers, Fiona and Sue, ignored the the taunts from the accordion side of the room and focused intensely on links. link link link.

In the end the tables came together again, at least in spirit, and the room warmed back up. And look at this haul!

That’s like a MILLION books! time for some champagne.

Until next time, Bookbinding Summer School. (Thanks, guys, this was loads of fun)



2 comments on “Bookbinding Summer School: Nailed it.

  1. Ellen Huntington Slade
    August 31, 2012

    oh my goodness! I wish I had been there!!!

  2. Glenn House Sr.
    September 1, 2012

    So much and so beautiful work makes me own olde heart sing.

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