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Things that have come in the post

First of all, lets just admire this box. Note the pride that the shipper must have taken in his craft. The youth who delivered this wreck literally ran away after I’d signed for it.  I’ve been trapped in the house for a few days over the last week waiting for various packages to be delivered. In the UK it seems almost every single package I receive requires signature on delivery, no matter how insignificant the contents. A person spends half her time at the mercy of delivery men. Here are four things I have been trapped in the flat waiting for lately (two of which arrived in boxes riddled with gaping holes):

#1    Like, a million self sealing plastic bags.

#2    A display rack for prints and broadsides

#3    100 boring, badly printed, and overpriced self-promotion postcards

#4    A tiny, adorable printing press.

I wish there was more to report. Perhaps next week. Over and out.

3 comments on “Things that have come in the post

  1. Laura.
    September 29, 2012

    question for you, sb, to perhaps address here or elsewhere (i.e. privately, in case it’s too boring for a blog. or never, in case it’s too boring to even bother): did you take your own photos of your book and how did they turn out so nicely and how do i do the same for my own work? it seems like a never-ending quandary.

  2. Michael Durgin
    September 30, 2012

    “A person spends half her time at the mercy of delivery men.” ha ha!

  3. velma
    October 3, 2012

    sorry to remind you that at least the delivery man is bringing good news…how about the repair man? ugh. or worst of all…the plumber.

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