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Pyramid Atlantic, here I come

So I’ve been back from Milwaukee for a whole five seconds, so I guess it is time to borrow (steal?) a car and drive to Silver Spring Maryland for the Pyramid Atlantic Artist’s Book Fair this weekend. Books? check. Prints? check. Cash? check. (chuckle chuckle oh the word play.) I am also using this opportunity to get  rid of my last few mean cards:

Can you believe how polite that thumb is? I printed these from the wood type collection at Wells College a few years ago. Come and get ’em!

I’ll be sharing a table with Carol Barton, Queen of Pop Up Books. What pop up secrets I can wiggle out of her before the end of the weekend? Wiggling, though fun, is not really necessary. Carol’s website is packed with all kinds of downloadable pop up instructions. Of course, you can also buy her books on Pop Up Paper Engineering. Or just visit our table at Pyramid Atlantic.  Here is an image of Carol’s Five Luminous Towers, a book to be read in the dark.

My Wisconsin visit was a great success. I taught workshops all over the state and still had time to visit a cheese factory and a grotto.  The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has the most complete collection of my books outside of my apartment. It was a kick to see all the books there and hear Max Yela describe them to a group of students. It was also fun to see them in their new clothes:

I put this photo on facebook this week, and an old college friend posted: “Why does the University of Wisconsin have creepy dossiers on the inner workings of your mind?” And the answer? I guess because that is what I sold them. Ok, back to putting prints into resealable plastic bags.

One comment on “Pyramid Atlantic, here I come

  1. Laura.
    November 16, 2012

    cool! though it’s too bad you weren’t able to bop over here with carol (SHE WAS JUST HERE!). very polite thumb. love it.

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