Big Jump Press

Now available for purchase: Fond, Fond Deluxe, and ten prints.

Fond, the newest title from Big Jump Press, is an investigation of our impulse to collect and preserve small, valueless objects. Casually assembled over the course of years, these objects serve as an information retrieval system and an emotional bank. The combined narratives of the things we can’t part with help us create create a larger picture of our lives and the way we see ourselves.

A fonds is a collection of documents organically accumulated by a person or institution. Using halftone photographs, color silhouettes, and a winding rope of text, I constructed an abstracted and personal history of ten objects from my own collection. I produced Fond over the course of 2011-2012 while I moved from Upstate New York to Alabama and finally to the United Kingdom. The book is letterpress printed and bound as a drum leaf in an edition of 75. Fond is letterpress printed on Zerkall paper and housed in a slip case. Now available for purchase for $375.

As a part of this project I produced a set of ten prints, one print for each object using text from the book. The imagery in this sequence of prints comes almost exclusively from repeated silhouettes and halftone photos of the ten objects featured in the book. Letterpress-printed on Zerkall paper in an edition of 25, each of these prints measures 8.25″ x 7.5.” These prints are available for purchase for $50. If you’d like to purchase a print, click on the photograph to access the Big Jump Press online shop.

The first ten copies of Fond are bound as a deluxe edition enclosed in handmade clamshell boxes. All ten prints are housed in a paper wrapper alongside the book. Each copy of the deluxe edition includes one of the original ten objects nestled into a small compartment in the box. The copy below includes the nut. Because each box is constructed to accommodate a different object, the ten copies of the deluxe edition will be slightly different depths. The copy below has already been purchased, but additional copies are available to order for $1200. Please contact me if you are interested.

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