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What lives on the shelf

Glorious.Last week, I finally acquired the object of my dreams, a knockoff Globe Wernicke stacking bookcase with glass fronted shelves. As soon as we got our three-piece set home and put it together, I rescued my most prized and beloved books from the filing cabinet they’ve been quietly stacked up in. I unwrapped each one and put it in its new home, safe from dust and cups of coffee and my own clumsiness. To celebrate this furniture victory, I devote today’s post to the books that now live in the most exciting bookshelf in the building (universe.)

If you were to lift up the glass and slide it gently backwards, you would be able to peruse the following collections of books:

All my notes from graduate school at The University of Alabama, including this batch of notes and handouts from Anna Embree’s Binding I class.

Binding Notes

Binding NotesBooks I made in graduate school, including this quarter leather flexible binding

flexible bindingand a full leather design binding for one of Kieth Smith’s Non-Adhesive Binding manuals. (oho! Can you detect the bookbinding joke? How simply hilarious I can be.)

Design Binding

IMG_6334Books on Bookbinding, including Kojiro Ikegami’s Japanese Bookbinding

Japanese Bookbinding

Japanese Bookbindingand Books, Boxes and Portfolios by Franz Zeier.

Books, Boxes and Portfolios(this copy is enclosed in a presentation clamshell box that I made in preparation for teaching a boxmaking course.)

In a Presentation Clamshell boxBooks on printing, including Barb Tetenbaum’s A Guide to Experimental Letterpress techniques

Barb Tetenbaum's book on printing

Barb's bookand Paul Moxon’s Vandercook Presses.


Vandercook bookBooks I made for my own use, including this long and link stitch binding full of notes and sketches.

My notes

My notesBooks I printed as Big Jump Press, including this copy of Fears: A chronology.

IMG_6314Books I’ve made while teaching, including this paper case binding produced during demonstrations in Binding III at the University of Alabama last fall,

Paper Caseand this accordion book, produced during a workshop at Shepherds-Falkiner’s in London in October.

AccordionBooks I made for teaching, including the pamphlet and accordion box of joy that I drag to all of my innovative structure workshops.

The box of joy

The box of joyBooks produced by students, including these two from Jamie Karolich and Andrew Borloz.


Andrew BorlozBooks I am in

Books I am in Blank books for sale

Books for saleBooks I’ve bought, including these tiny comics by Tom Gauld,

Tom Gauld ComicsLive from the Delay, by Ryan Flaherty and produced by Friedrich Kerksieck of Small Fires Press,

Live, from the Delay

Live from the Delayand Thirst or Surfeit by Elizabeth Robinson, produced by Emily Tipps of High Five Press.

Thirst or Surfeit

Thirst or SurfeitBooks I’ve traded for, including The Topography of Home by Macy Chadwick of In Cahoots Press,

Topography of HomeBy-and-By, by Amy Bloom and produced by Robin Price,

Robin Price

IMG_6323and Compendium of Domestic Incidents by Joanna Ruocco and produced by Sarah McDermott of Kidney Press.

IMG_6270Books I’ve received as gifts, including Turn Over Darling by Ron King of Circle Press,

Turn Over Darling

Turn Over DarlingTo Come Upon a Street, a tunnel book by Michelle Ray and AB Gorham,

To Come Upon a Street

To Come Upon a StreetEx-Slave, from Jessica Peterson of Paper Souvenir (and currently The Southern in Northport)


Ex-Slaveand the smallest book I’ve got, Strangers by Laura Rowley.

tiny book

tiny book

IMG_6327For the last few days, I have repeatedly caught myself staring at the shelves with an empty head. Just staring, staring. I’ll admit, I was hoping to get more done over the last few days, but I have so enjoyed simply relaxing in the apartment after a month of travel. But today is the day to get started again. If I can just stop looking at it.

IMG_6330Next post, I promise, progress on the mountain of binding I have ahead of me. I’m also back to teaching tomorrow night at Ink Spot Press. And this weekend: Intro to Letterpress at the London Centre for Book Arts.

6 comments on “What lives on the shelf

  1. dwolske
    December 10, 2012

    I have a new goal in life: get one of my books onto SB’s bookshelf.

  2. Maggie Heineman
    December 10, 2012

    I am INSPIRED! I have two of these bookcases in my basement – empty! they belonged to my Grandpa. I may now bring them up and get my stuff together – AND – document it with photographs!

    • Big Jump Press
      December 10, 2012

      YES!!! Do it! And then send the photos! You are so lucky to have two!

  3. Michael Durgin
    December 11, 2012

    love this — and you’ve inspired me to look for barrister bookcases for my treasured books. There are some old ones to be had in the DC area because they (the bookcases, not my treasured books!) were used as government furniture, which has slowly been replaced over time.

    • Big Jump Press
      December 12, 2012

      Do it! And then please send photos! I want to know what your treasured books are, too!

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