Big Jump Press

Bring it, 2013

These are my wishes for the new year:
1. Buy a press here in the UK
2. Get a new book underway
3. Find a reasonable dirty gin martini in Brighton, perhaps even in my neighborhood
4. Selfless world-peace type wishes, obviously. I’m not a monster.

Out with the old!
I spent the last few days of 2012 wrapping up a few more copies of Fond, including one more copy of the deluxe edition. This copy houses the souvenir.

20121230-012103 PM.jpg

20121230-012314 PM.jpg
Making the deluxe boxes takes forever. They are hard to edition because the dimensions vary from copy to copy to accommodate different objects. Three copies out of ten are now complete.

In with the new!

20121230-011159 PM.jpg
I have lately been quietly working away on a new project. More details to follow soon. A deadline looms and talk is cheap.

20121230-012417 PM.jpg

Hey, thank god we all survived that Mayan Apocalypse, right? I’m still picking bits of brimstone out of my hair. I guess now is the time to reassemble shattered pieces of our former lives. Coming up next week: a visitor and collaborator. . .

Happy 2013 everyone!

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