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The Newest Member of the Family

MY NEW PRESSIt’s green, it’s heavy, it’s MINE! More soon about this beautiful FAG SP-40 and the discomfort of owning a press with such a name. It’s a busy week at Big Jump, so forgive this micro-post. Below: a photo from the Art on the Press class I’m running at Ink Spot Press this month. Now I must go and do six things at once. Later, Gator.

In the making

10 comments on “The Newest Member of the Family

  1. Bob Bryant
    February 18, 2013

    So. Are you now the owner of TWO letterpress antiques? Are you trying to corner the market? Sounds aggressive to me (though perfectly in tune with unbridled capitalism of the 19th Century). But you need to be heavily capitalized. Speak to your mother about underwriting your business plan.


    • Big Jump Press
      February 18, 2013

      Hilarious, Dad. Want me to print you some business cards? I’ll give you a special deal: £15 per letter per card.

  2. St Brigid Press
    February 18, 2013

    Congratulations on the new (old) press!

  3. Rebecca chamlee
    February 19, 2013

    Congrats! Now your life is perfect, right?

  4. velma
    February 20, 2013

    it ain’t easy being green.
    big congratulations.

  5. Glenn W. House, Sr.
    February 20, 2013

    Sweet press. Flatbush II? glenn

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