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To the Lake District!

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 10.13.29 AMSee you later, suckers! Me and my never-ending cold and low-level exhaustion are getting out of town for the next few days. Yeah, it’s March, so it probably won’t look like this photo that I stole from the internet. Yeah, I probably have a fever. And yeah, ok, there is snow in the forecast. But I don’t care. I am going for a a walk in the hills if I have to tie three hot water bottles to myself and crawl on my hands and knees. Back on Monday just in time to teach a two-day long and link stitch course in London at the LCBA. I love the long and link stitch, by the way. Here are a few of them of adorable size, all stacked up:

longandlinkThe last week or so has been a frenetic blur of activity and has included, in no particular order, polymer plate making experiments at the London Print Studio,

IMG_7550Playful goofing around on an Adana with my friend Kevin:

Hi, Kevin!Finishing the last copy of the deluxe edition of Fond:

IMG_7488The final Art on the Press class at Ink Spot Press:

IMG_7570Continuing with case binding  in my Ink Spot Bookbinding class:

IMG_7587A bit of time devoted to working on my project with Dave:


IMG_7537Not to mention a lecture and visit to Brighton University, a workshop with the MA book designers at Reading University, a quick visit with Simon Goode to set up more courses at the London Centre for Book Arts (new listings on my workshops page, by the way) and a visit to Much Ado Books in Alfriston to set up a new drum leaf workshop coming up in May.

During the writing of this post, I have coughed approximately 716 times.

To the Lake District! But maybe first to the pharmacy.

2 comments on “To the Lake District!

  1. Kevin Hagger
    March 21, 2013

    Yeah!! I made it into one of your blog posts! AND it’s Spring! (No, really)

    Hope you’re having fun, and keeping warm !! K

  2. Glenn House Sr.
    March 21, 2013

    That lake should cure all ills. I hope to see it in person some day.

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