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We will make boxes. We will make boxes all week. And our boxes will be GLORIOUS.


Did you see all those boxes up there? That was all day ONE. I am back at the Wells Summer Institute and we are BOX MACHINES. By the end of this week we will be neck deep in glorious enclosures. I am in a GREAT mood. Here are some of the reasons why:

Reason No. 1: David Marshall
who brought dozens and dozens and dozens of sheets of marbled and paste papers and told us to go crazy. Eat your heart out:






Reason No. 2-5: Jane, Beth, Jessie and Caroleen
who are, at this very moment, intently measuring, cutting, gluing, patching, and dedicating their every move to their partition boxes.

IMG_9308There is a lake outside but Jane, Beth, Jessie, Caroleen, David and I don’t care.  We care not for the wind in our hair, we care not for the sun and the lush, green summer. We are box makers and we’ve got a job to do.


We must build our boxes


we must cover our boxes


we must patch our boxes


we must apply adorable buttons


and equally adorable paste downs


we must make hinged lids


and soon, very soon, we must attach our lids to our box trays. Things are getting very serious. We have no time for anything else.

IMG_9309In those ephemeral moments when we are not making boxes, we are discussing David’s marbled paper. Beth even wore some of her own marbling in order to keep our wardrobes consistent with our activity.


Reason No 6: Cowgirls
because real box makers make their own book cloth.


And if cowgirls aren’t enough for you, here is David applying Japanese paper to some hula girls. As you do.




Stay tuned to see how Jessie’s friendly zoo cloth comes out:


Reason No. 7: Harassing Katie Baldwin and her Mokuhanga class. Here is Katie trying to defend herself:

IMG_9265against the following:

  IMG_9268Oh, and here is some Mokuhanga stuff:

IMG_9264Robin Price is up next. Keep one eye, open, Robin. I heart the Wells Summer Institute! MORE TOMORROW, BOX NERDS!

17 comments on “We will make boxes. We will make boxes all week. And our boxes will be GLORIOUS.

  1. sjdonaldson
    July 10, 2013

    ack…..ack… MADLY jealous.

    Booooooxxeeeeeeees 😀

    (almost as good as books)

  2. Clarke Slade
    July 10, 2013

    So this is a preview of coming attractions right here in River City! I will look forward to returning home and seeing the Wilmington-inspired boxes. C

  3. artfulpath
    July 10, 2013

    I want to make Glorious boxes but I live in KS. Do you have Glorious instructions for sale??

    • Big Jump Press
      July 15, 2013

      Hello Beth! As a matter of fact I am working on a book on box making book that covers all of the boxes I teach in a box course, would you be interested? I came to my course this year with a sample copy to gauge interest and people seemed to like it. I’ll be binding a few more and posting them online soon. The price is not set just yet, but I promise there will be more info soon!

  4. This looks like SO much fun!

  5. Carol
    July 11, 2013

    Sarah, I am getting so excited! Can’t wait to be knee deep in boxes! Let the cutting and pasting and measuring begin!

  6. katie baldwin
    July 12, 2013

    I want to take that mokuhanga class!

    • Big Jump Press
      July 12, 2013

      Ummm, Katie Baldwin I can tell that’s you. Boxes rule, mokuhanga is for baby aardvarks.

  7. metalandmettle
    July 13, 2013

    I really enjoyed your post, and laughed out loud! Thank you.
    The marbled papers are exquisite.

    • Big Jump Press
      July 15, 2013

      Thanks! I wish I had access to paper like that all the time. It was hard to say goodbye!

  8. judyrobbinsart
    July 13, 2013

    I love boxes and wish I could make them like that. But I find boxes and transform them into assemblages like Joseph Cornell. Love the marbled paper, too – so beautiful.

    • Big Jump Press
      July 15, 2013

      Hi Judy! Thanks for the comment. Yes, David’s marbled paper really stepped things up a notch. Box making is pure joy, perhaps you should give it a try sometime!

      • judyrobbinsart
        July 15, 2013

        I have made marbled paper and loved doing it. I am constantly amazed at the wonderful things people make. But for now I will have to stick with my assemblage work – I am stretched thin (in the metaphorical sense) at this point. But I surely love your blog.

      • Big Jump Press
        July 15, 2013

        Thanks again, Judy. I surely understand being stretched thin. So many things to learn and do. And then we all have to make a living on top of everything else.

  9. Beth McKee
    July 15, 2013

    More photos, please!

    • Big Jump Press
      July 15, 2013

      You got it, Beth. Just working on another post and can email some as well.

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