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Busy busy busy teaching and moving and rushing around sort of week. Here, in photo form, is what has been going on.

1. I had a brief few days to myself last week and decided to use them to start binding up some books up for MADE BRIGHTON, a big craft fair here in town at the Corn Exchange on November 21-24. What followed: three days of long and link stitch industriousness.

IMG_9768God, the satisfaction of making a pile of books. And the pure joy of guiltlessly half-watching  bad television at the same time. Anyone want to guess what it was? If you get it right, I will own up to it.


(by the way, I am still selling the handout for this structure if you want to have a go.)

1. Introductory Letterpress at the London Center for Book Arts this weekend unexpectedly transitioned into ADVANCED LETTERPRESS WACKADOO when Ewa, a participant, and Marta, my lovely and amazing assistant, made a left turn into some Bizarro World behavior: Printing type backward.

Black backwards type ch-ch-ch-check it. Print on the mylar packing, offset onto the paper. And the result:

IMG_9813Ewa, Marta, you are maniacs, deserving of congratulations.

3. Art on the Press Summer School at Ink Spot Press is underway. Reduction Lino today. Pressure printing tomorrow. Text? That is soooo Monday.


Liz brought lino that she cut with a laser cutter:


And is giving us all horrible headaches with her prints:


And then Hannah is making us feel better:


4. Goodbye tiny but beloved old Flat!

old flat

5. Hello large and mysterious new flat!


5. HELLO NEW BINDERY! More photos to come.


That’s it. Over and out.

2 comments on “Busy.

  1. katieb3
    August 21, 2013

    Love the new bindery!

    #1 Orange is the New Black
    #2 Little House on the Prairie
    #3 Allie McBeal

    • Big Jump Press
      August 22, 2013

      Ha! No, no and NO! But you are on the right track. Here is a hint: Late 90’s early 00’s, Things are different after dark. . .

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