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A bit of this, a bit of that.

Nothing cohesive to report today, but here are some bits and pieces for your review:

Four days left on the Kickstarter Campaign and Dave and I have raised almost triple our goal! We’ve still got some rewards on the table that encapsulate the spirit of our project, so if you are interested come on down. Even if you aren’t interested in contributing, the video is pretty good description of the project, so if you want to see what I’ll be up to for the next six to eight months it is worth a look, and, if you ask me, a low budget masterpiece.


Every month looks a little different as far as my teaching schedule is concerned. The last 30 days or so have seen me teaching at a gallery in Canturbury, Phoenix Brighton, Bournemouth Arts University, the London Centre for Book Arts, Ink Spot Press, and a private student here and there. What will next month look like? Who knows. My schedule is always an undulating soup, shifting with cancellations and last minute gigs. Here are some Bournemouth Students displaying a mixture of deep interest and and what I choose to interpret as impatience to get on the press. Right? (See you guys in the fall!)


I have spent considerable time over the last few days making record sleeves, gluing them into enclosures, being dissatisfied with them, ripping them out, ripping them apart, and making more record sleeves. It is a complex dance that I never imagined I would learn the steps to. But here I am, growling at glassine and shaking my clenched fist at static electricity. (Surprisingly unhelpful.) At this point, I seem to have resolved these problems and sleeves are in steady production. More info to come on that later in the year.


Ben Mitchell, type designer extraordinaire, recently invited me to be a guinea pig for a workshop he will soon be running about Thai type design. Is there anything I enjoy as much as a type matching exercise? It’s unclear.


That’s the roundup! Later, blog friends! I am closing this laptop and going on a field trip to the seed bank.

4 comments on “A bit of this, a bit of that.

  1. Chris MacCormick
    June 8, 2014

    I am looking forward to the seed bank book.

    • Big Jump Press
      June 9, 2014

      Ha! You may have to wait a while. But I did enjoy the seed bank, even though it was mostly underfoot and inaccessible to the likes of me. 10% of the world’s wild plant species banked! Yow

  2. Bob
    June 8, 2014

    Love your entertaining and informative blog. Only sorry I was not near an Internet connection when the deluxe Kickstarter opportunities were offered. I want one.

    • Big Jump Press
      June 9, 2014

      Thanks Bob!!! Sorry you didn’t get there in time but FEAR NOT! There will be books aplenty!

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