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Back in the Saddle at Made Brighton

. . . and we’re back! Ok so I had that baby just like I said I would and I’ve spent the last three months tickling him, feeding him, and cleaning him. But over the last few weeks I’ve stolen time, ducked into the bindery, and made things in preparation for Made Brighton 2015.


The vast majority of what I sell at fairs like this is small potatoes stuff: cards, pamphlets, tiny books for a pound. But it felt so good to be back in the bindery again that I gave in and indulged myself, producing the kind of objects that I love to make rather than those that will sell most reliably. Like these tiny case bound journals:


And these f***ing awesome boxes:


Complete with bone clasps, magnet clasps, and secret compartments with button lifts and little pulls.



It is as if all of the boxes I would have made in the last four months were condensed and distilled into these four boxes, into which I have poured the kind of focused attention that I have had so little of lately. Not a speck of baby poop on any of them, by the way. A miracle.

Things are slowly lifting off again. I’ve started listing courses again on my workshops page. Back to teaching in the new year. Prints for my Marina project will soon be underway and ready to exhibit at 23 Sandy Gallery in Portland in March.

Anyway, off to Made tomorrow. UK friends, anyone want to come? Details here.

2 comments on “Back in the Saddle at Made Brighton

  1. thirtybirds art and design
    November 24, 2015

    Many congratulations on your new arrival, Sarah. 🙂

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