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Workshop in Oakland June 4-8

Hi all! I’ll be back to update you shortly about my new book (almost press ready!) but I hope you can forgive this quick plug first. I am only teaching one workshop this summer, an advanced image-based letterpress class at Mills College. There are still a few places available. I’ve never taught in Oakland before, and I am very excited about being a part of the Institute. If you are out there on the west coast and hankering for some exploratory image production, hop on! More details below.

Complicating the Surface: Spontaneity and Precision


Participants in this course will experiment with generating complex imagery through the intersection of printing processes. We will begin by carving linoleum blocks and creating relief surfaces with other materials. We will ink them up and pull proofs, then create partnered pressure plates that deliberately respond to those relief surfaces. The combination of the painterly, spontaneous imagery that results from pressure printing and the binary inked surface of a relief block can be striking and powerful. Incorporating intersecting processes into image making can unlock potential for giving voice to content and broaden the vocabulary of print. After several days of printing, we will further complicate our results by cutting down our prints and creating artist books that play with the juxtaposition and sequencing of our imagery.

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About The Mills College Summer Institute
Mills College has a long history of teaching book art at the college level, starting with the founding of the Eucalyptus Press in 1930. In the 1980s, the first separate graduate degree-granting program in Book Art in the nation was developed at Mills. Today, the Mills College Book Art Program includes an MFA program in Book Art and Creative Writing as well as one of the most comprehensive undergraduate programs in the country. In 2016 we extended our programming to include the Mills College Summer Institute for Book and Print Technologies which included two five-day workshops offered at the master class level and public presentations by the three artist/instructors. We are pleased to announce that our third annual summer institute will include two weeks of programming including four five-day workshops. Workshops will be fast-paced and taught at an advanced level. All participants must have prior experience in bookmaking, letterpress printing or printmaking, depending on the workshop.


HowMustTheyLive copy.jpg

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