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Kickstarter Time!


The Radiant Republic is underway. I am mixing ink, making plates, cutting paper, cranking the press. I am ordering wood, commissioning molds, making mockups for laser cutters, sourcing cement. I am ordering glass, scoring and folding belgian flax paper. I am gloriously busy doing what I love. . . but what I love is expensive.

I’ve  designed a new Kickstarter campaign which offers many rewards, including a $500 pre-order discount on the book, and deep sale price on prints and other material related to this project. The last time I ran a Kickstarter campaign, the support of my community allowed me and David Allen to make a book that we were so proud of, and we were able to give our backers something valuable in return. If you are interested in contributing, here is the link! No matter what, stay tuned for new process imagery as I start putting the book together in earnest. Deadline: Codex!

Once again, Ben Rosairo composed the music and performed the music for the video. Partly using this piano:


Thanks Everyone!



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