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Digital Fiddling

Today is Obsessive Digital Manipulation Headache Day! It is the little things I am focusing on now. Do I want italic for the captions in the ‘appendix’ section of the book? What happened to my Perpetua non-lining figures? How low should the title sit on the title page? I plan to resolve these issues today.

I design my books in Indesign. Much of the digital design then translates directly into printing plates that I order from Boxcar Press, other portions are simple placeholders for things that will happen more spontaneously on the press using methods like linoleum carving and pressure printing.  The spread below, for example, is not a final design, but a general idea that I hope to push when I am printing.

I am also going through the images of the objects I feature in the book and making sure that they are all the correct resolution, that they don’t look too dark, that the outlines aren’t too clumsy. After today I will have to make a decision about what paper to use for the book, and then produce an ink-jet printed mockup using the papers that I’ve selected.

2 comments on “Digital Fiddling

  1. velma
    March 26, 2012

    sarah, don’t think me too crazy, but i’m enjoying this process very much. it really makes sense to my not letterpress or edition mind.

    • Big Jump Press
      March 26, 2012

      Thank you Velma! I am glad it makes sense! I am enjoying having a place to write about the process, and I am so glad you are watching. (who knows, it might just be you and me.)

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