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why? why?

Reasons why shipping my ink from America was a stupid thing to do:

#1 Shipping the ink was almost as expensive as buying the ink.

#2 The UK duty fees pushed the cost of shipping the ink to more than buying the ink.

#3 Although the box was pristine, every single one of the cans of ink arrived with honking huge dents, rendering some of them impossible to open without violence.

#4 The ink inside each of the cans, once just the right level of viscosity, now has a half inch thick layer of tough skin. Did it freeze? Did it dry out? What? What?

I only have myself to blame. Myself and maybe the UK customs agents who decided that the best way to ensure I wasn’t smuggling drugs or fine cheese in my cans was to drop them from the top of a building

In London this weekend. Tomorrow I will be heading to Shepherds Falkiners for some bookbinding supply porn. In the evening I will be meeting with Simon Goode, who is starting up the London Centre for Book Arts. More on that soon.

Seriously, just look at this can.

3 comments on “why? why?

  1. Kevin Hagger
    May 18, 2012

    There is a reason #5: it’s available in the UK! I bought some from here and they delivered it the next day, they’re just up the road in Crawley. Hope this is useful.

    I love you blog by the way.
    Can I ask where you get you photopolymer plates from?
    I’m in Brighton too (well, Hove actually).


  2. Kevin Hagger
    May 18, 2012

    Now I have to leave an edit: the missing ‘r’
    Less I sound a bit creepy. I’m not.

  3. Big Jump Press
    May 18, 2012

    Thanks so much, Kevin! aarrrgh the list goes on. I am really glad to know where to get ink, but I still don’t know of a photopolymer platemaking source here in the UK yet. I am still looking. If anyone else happens to read this and DOES know of a place to get photopolymer plates in the UK, can you help us out?

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