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Wells Institute Day Three: Ten Books in Three Days?

The playful, experimental stages of this workshop are over and it is time for everyone to swing into production and work on their own book projects in a serious way.  I am a bit behind. Teaching this workshop has seriously hindered my book project. Everyone is working like crazy, and here is the abbreviated version:

Set the type! Proof the type! Fix the type!

Dissect the mockups! Measure the mockups! Make a cutting map!

Cut down the paper!

Get on the press!

Print like the wind!

Clean the press! (Then ink it again!)

And finally, appreciate the sunset, but only from the press room while you are mixing your ink.

I also feel that I should mention a press room tragedy:

Yes, that was an entire case of 14 point Gill Sans. One brief moment, one bad balancing act, and WHAM. your next few days suddenly look bleak. But we came up with a pretty elegant solution (If I do say so myself.)

Day four has already begun, and it will be a doozy. But everyone in the workshop is working like crazy, and things are looking good. Stay tuned.

3 comments on “Wells Institute Day Three: Ten Books in Three Days?

  1. Peter D. Verheyen
    July 12, 2012

    Love the free lesson. That’s how I learned when I was an apprentice, except in my case the Meister dumped all of our type (lots of faces, not so much of each) on a table so that I’d learn to do it right…

  2. jess76
    July 12, 2012

    aw, I love to distribute for free. I did that to my own Gill Sans two years ago.

  3. suzanne
    July 12, 2012

    Oh, yes, I’ve had this free lesson, too. Priceless!

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