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This is what rejection looks like


Carpaccio of pollock with basil,
olive and sea salt salad.


Sea Trout with potato &
smoked eel terrine,
cockles, sea beets, samphire,
cider, pancetta & seaweed.

I understand your confusion. Rejection usually looks like quiet crying and frowning and sitting alone. Let me explain. Having applied for countless exhibitions, grants and jobs, I am no stranger to rejection. In order to sweeten the blow, I have come up with a rejection payment system in the form of the “Rejection Dinner.”

Rules for the Rejection Dinner:
#1 You cannot have a Rejection Dinner every time you get rejected for something. This is a ticket to bankruptcy. I reserve Rejection Dinners for serious grants and job applications where I am clearly in the running. I do not have Rejection Dinners when books don’t get into shows or when someone won’t let me on the bus because I do not have exact change. That is just regular dinner.

#2 You must clearly indicate in advance which declined applications are worthy of a Rejection Dinner. I make this public by telling Ben that we can expect a possible Rejection Dinner after [insert likely date of notification here.]

#3 A rejection dinner is no ordinary dinner. You must pick the place in advance, get to know the menu, pick a list of things you would like to order. If possible, make the restaurant just slightly out of your price range and then allow yourself to order whatever you like without worrying about the price. Get a bottle of wine. Order a digestif. Have that weird chocolate thing if you want it.

We had a rejection dinner on Sunday and it was AWESOME. Thank god I didn’t get that amazing thing I wanted.

(That’s it for the post really, but here is an extra bit.)
This week I taught a class for kids for the first time:


It was terrifying but everything fell into place when I brought out the big guns: bird pop-ups.


My amazing, tiny room is gone after the Press and Release show at Phoenix closed on Sunday. It is like a little piece of me has died.


I am spending this week teaching a one-to-one letterpress course at the LCBA. Here is a poem I have written about it:

one to one
is super fun


My next post? A fascinating interview with a type designer. FOR REAL!  Over and out, book friends.

5 comments on “This is what rejection looks like

  1. judyrobbinsart
    June 11, 2013

    I have missed out on so many rejection dinners because I did not take your advice. I have one coming up soon, I am sure.

    • Big Jump Press
      June 12, 2013

      Holy Cow, you’ve got a rejection coming soon? You LUCKY DOG. Quick, pick a restaurant!

  2. judyrobbinsart
    June 12, 2013

    Yes, I have one in mind. Maybe they will hang my art.

  3. metalandmettle
    June 13, 2013

    Oh what a wonderful tradition! You’ve made my day. I have missed on quite a few rejection dinners too…
    I always enjoy reading your posts – you have a great sense of humour. Thank you!

    • Big Jump Press
      June 13, 2013

      Thank you! I just had fun reading about the joys of masking tape for metalworking on your blog and really enjoyed it! Best wishes!

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